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How to Maintain and Care for Wicker Setting

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Although we claim that our wicker will last for a very long time, proper caring and maintenance has got to do with it. Remember that pieces of dirt can accumulate between fibers. Eventually, after a long time, the product surface will not only look unsightly but also become the hideout of insects, fungi, and bacteria. All this will reduce the lifespan of the wicker.

General Care

Vacuum cleaning can certainly do the works, but if you have the luxury (and energy!) to clean it thoroughly 
all you need to use is a bucket of lukewarm water, a soft sponge or cloth and a non-scouring pH-neutral detergent. It is a good idea to rinse down the furniture with cold water afterwards too and this can easily be done with a garden hose (do not use a pressure washer as this could damage the material). If you have a busy schedule and don’t have time for regular cleaning, then you can perform this product care procedure once a month. For cushions and pillow, only clean them when it is absolutely necessary, this will keep the cushion fabric from wear and tear. Frequent washing will affect the texture of the fabric and make the color fade away faster. In case you do need to wash the fabric, you can bring the pillowcases and cushion cover to laundry store to clean. If you have time, you can wash them at home with normal detergents that do not have too much bleach as it will discolor the fabric color. And even if the furniture stays outside for the winter or during any summer rain, you should still keep or bring the cushions inside. For wicker table’s glasses, we can clean the glass every day or when it’s dirty. A very useful tip when cleaning table glass is to use the newspaper to clean with cleaning liquid instead of using cloth as it will leave no cotton scrap on the glass surface.

5 things that you need to remember when cleaning synthetic rattan garden furniture as follows:

1. Never clean your rattan and wicker garden furniture with any bleaching agents or all-purpose cleaner

2. Only clean the synthetic rattan furniture with soapy water (add some dishwashing liquid), soft brush and cloth.

3. Never use bleach to wash your cushion and pillow cover and remember only wash them when there is serious damage.

4. Clean the table glass with cleaning liquid and newspaper.

5. Bring resin wicker furniture into warehouse or wear the weather cover for resin wicker furniture when not using them for long periods.


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